Thursday, July 29, 2010

City Recieves Award For Performance Management Efforts

The City of Centralia was again recognized by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for their performance measurement and management efforts from the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement™ (CPM). Last year was the first time the City received acknowledgement from the ICMA CPM for two successful years of performance management and received the Certificate of Achievement for their efforts. This year the City has received the Certificate of Excellence, which is the highest degree of accomplishment within the ICMA CPM program.
Over the past three years, the City of Centralia has recorded and measured department performance using comparative performance measurement practices. In 2007, the City of Centralia formulated and began recording performance measures for the thirteen departments/divisions that comprise the City government. The City implemented the practice of measuring performance to ensure accountability in departmental and organizational goals and objectives. Each department has specific performance objectives and measures that both tie into Centralia’s Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Plan. Performance measures and objectives are derived from national benchmarks established through national standards, industry standards, performance of similarly composed governments and expected performance set by either City Council or City Management. City Council and City Management use this performance data for the planning, budgeting and allocation of City tax dollars and resources.
In the current economic climate, performance management is more important than ever. Not only does performance management aid in cost management, program prioritization, and quality improvement, but it encourages accountability and transparency.
“The certificate program is one of the pillars of CPM,” says Michael Lawson, director of the Center for Performance Management. “Through our certificate program, local governments are recognized for their exceptional commitment to continuous learning and improvement. The criteria on which the certificates are based serve as a checklist of effective, results-oriented management practices.”
Criteria for the Certificate of Excellence include:
  • Reporting of performance data to the public through budgets, newsletters, and/or information provided to elected officials
  • Verification efforts to ensure the data’s reliability, and
  • Staff training in the principles of performance measurement.
  • Using performance data in strategic planning and decision making
  • Sharing of performance measurement knowledge with other local governments/government entities
Surveying of both residents and local government employees
This marks the second consecutive year the City of Centralia has received acknowledgement and valuable feed back from the ICMA CPM on the City’s performance management system. City staff works diligently to ensure the data collected on a monthly basis is accurate, viable and continually evolving to provide citizens with the most efficient and effective services possible.
Centralia’s Performance Measurement annual results and information may be found in the City’s Budget Document, on Centralia TV and on the City’s official website:


Anonymous said...

This is really surprising that our little town can do something like this. I am impressed. Now what is it again?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think they made this one up.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is something are little minds can't comprehend, I called city hall one time and I was told, "Let Me Educate You". I am educated if not I would not be watching your every move. If you were here I would give you a pat on the back, good job, HA, HA. Don't forget to give yourself a raise for such good performance as if your not grossly overpaid as it is for such a small town.