Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Council Announces August 9 David Blackwell Day

At the August 9th City Council meeting, Mayor Becky Ault read a proclamation establishing August 9th David Blackwell Day in Centralia. David Blackwell was a well renowned statistician, mathmetician and author who was born in Centralia on April 24, 1919. David Blackwell attended the University of Illinois where he received a Bachelor Degree in mathematics. Blackwell continued his education earning a Master Degree and a Doctorate by the age of 22.
Blackwell held a professional career as a professor of mathematics for the University of Berkeley California , game theory consultant and author of "Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions" and "Basic Statistics" as well as a publisher of many papers on multistage decision-making. For a full bio on David Blackwell, reference the New York Times Obituary "David Blackwell, Scholar of Probability".