Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Centralia Band Shell Scedule - Fall 2008

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The Fall schedule has been released for the Centralia Pittenger Memorial Band Shell. City staff works hard to provide entertainment throughout the year at the Band Shell. Movies are shown in the spring and fall, and concerts and other events are held whenever possible. We have had the High School Band, a local Battle of the Bands, and many movies, projected right up on the inside of the shell. The best part about it, is that the events are all FREE!

We have been asked "Why don't you show movies in the summer?" Simply because the movie cannot begin until it gets dark enough, and if the movie can't start until past 9:00, it will not finish until past 11:00. Also, it is much easier to advertise to our primary audience - families - when school is in session, and we can send flyers home with the kids.

As we plan for future events at the Band Shell, TELL US WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE? Is there a movie you want us to show? A local group you want us to invite to perform?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City Staff Volunteers

The Mayor, City Manger and other department heads spent last Saturday morning volunteering at the Centralia Community Recycling Center. Volunteers at the center help unload paper, glass, plastic and cardboard recyclables from the vehicles of the center patrons, and sorting these into separate containers.

The Centralia community Recycling Center is operated by Keep Centralia Beautiful, which sells these bulk recyclables to pay for the operation of the center, including one full-time and two part-time employees. Keep Centralia Beautiful (also known as Clean & Green) also organizes two annual city-wide cleanups in the fall and spring and works tirelessly to teach children and the community to plant trees, prevent littering, and to recycle.

The Communty Recycling Center is open to receive donations Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. to find out how your family or community group can help, call Keep Centralia Beautiful Coordinator Bev Virobik at 532-8430.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Senator Durbin Visits Centralia to Discuss Amtrak

Senator Richard Durbin (D. Illinois) visited Centralia on Thursday, August 7 and met with local officials to discuss issues with Amtrak. In attendance were Mayor Leonard Ferguson (Salem), Mayor Mary Jane Chesney (Mt. Vernon), Mayor Rebecca Ault (Centralia), Mayor Ken Buchanan (Central City), Mike Young (Centralia Township), Chamber officials, Kaskaskia College, and Representative Kurt Granberg.

Community leaders were very appreciative of Senator Durbin's recent efforts to work with Amtrak and the City of Chicago to find a compromise for Amtrak service into the City of Chicago. Senator Durbin has also workied with State officials to preserve the State subsidy to Amtrak which has allowed service to continue to Centralia. Ridership has continued to grow with rising fuel prices and the City feels this is a valuable asset that has now been protected.