Thursday, March 25, 2010

Council Reacts to State Budget Proposal

At the March 22nd 2010 city council meeting, Centralia's City Council passed a resolution opposing the governors proposal for a reduction of Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF) Income Tax. The governor proposes to reduce municipalities share of income tax by 3% which would reduce the City of Centralia's income tax receipts by over $320,000. The Council's resolution cites the City's dependence on these revenues for the provision of vital services such as fire, emergency medial and police protection. The City joins neighboring municipalities and members of the Illinois Municipal League in adopting resolutions in opposition of the governors proposal and issuing letters to the state describing the potential budget on local communities.

Click Here - to view the Resolution
Click Here - to view the City's letter to the State of Illinois

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Budget Document

The 2010 Annual Budget, approved December 22, 2009 is available as a .pdf document below. The document continues its citizen-driven look and format for this year. New to the document this year: 10 Year Road Improvement Plan, Capital Improvement Plan Road Overlays for 2010 - 2014, Amount Change columns in Budget Line Item Sheets, Comprehensive Citizen Survey Section spanning 86 questions/responses and continued improvement of visuals to enhance aesthetics and comprehension.

The document contains the following sections:
  • Introduction (Table of Contents)
  • Budget Message (Written by the City Manager, Assistant City Manager and Finance Director)
  • Community Profile
    Historic Background, Demographics, Economic Conditions, Recreation, Culture
  • Personnel
    Hierarchal Organizational Structure, Department/Division Summary, Position Classification
  • Management & Budget Policies
    Policy Statements, Background, Action, Legal Debt Margin, Long-term Debt
  • Budget Summary
    Financial Overview, Department Matrix, Appropriated Funds
  • Revenue Manual
    All Revenue Sources, Top 75% Budget Sources descriptions, Collection Methods, Rationale
  • Strategic Plan
    Two Year Top 10 Priority List, Department Relationship with Plan
  • Operating Budget
    • Part 1 (Administration, Clerk, Community Development)
    • Part 2 (Economic Development, E.S.D.A.)
    • Part 3 (Finance, Fire, & EMS)
    • Part 4 (Police, Public Property)
    • Part 5 (Recreation, Sewer, Street & Alley, Water)
  • Five Year Capital Improvement Plan
    Routine Expenditures, Non-Routine Expenditures
  • Line Item Budget
    Revenues, Expenditures, Amount Change, Justifications
  • Citizen Survey
    2008 vs 2009 Results, 10 Questions Analyzed, 86 Questions/Responses
  • Appendix
    Resolutions, Glossary of Terms, Index

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Council Approves MFT General Maintenance Estimate of Costs

MFT Maintenance Map

A Maintenance Program funded by Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) Funds is brought before the Council each year for approval and subsequently submitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for their approval. In the past it has included the City's Oil and Chip Street Rehabilitation and Resealing, Restoration of Pavement Markings, Patching of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) and Bituminous Pavement Patching as well as the City’s annual allotment of Rock Salt for snow and ice removal. This year in the face of declining revenues and increasing material costs the City's program will only focus on oil and chip pavement maintenance and snow and ice control this year. The City's maintenance program will rely upon the General Fund for some materials necessary to maintain a reasonable level of service. Despite these constraints the City still plan to reseal and rehabilitate 5.23 miles of oil and chip pavement primarily located in the southern sections of the southeast quadrant. Total Estimated Maintenance Cost is $237,161.28. The plan will be to bid the maintenance program at the beginning of April, which after approval by the State, would come to the City Council for approval at the May 10, 2010 meeting. The work would then likely be scheduled to start in June 2010.

Regional Marketing Initiative

Business Leaders from Centralia and Mt. Vernon met on February 18th at Centralia City Council Chambers to begin dialogue on opportunities for cooperative marketing of the region. The Mayors of Mt. Vernon, Wamac and Centralia were recognized at the 2008 Centralia Chamber of Commerce annual banquet for their ability to work together to bring American Equipment and Machine to the region. Following the award, it was suggested that the partnership expand their cooperative effort with a regional marketing initiative. Present for the discussion were Mayor Mary Jane Chesley, Mayor Rebecca Ault and representatives from Centralia Industries, Inc. and the Executive Board of the Jefferson County Development Corporation. Centralia Industries purchased the Principal Meridian Industrial Park property located on Route 51 between the communities which will be co-marketed by Jefferson County Development Corporation Executive Director Mary Ellen Bechtel and Centralia Director Jeanne Gustafson. The property has a prime location 5.5 miles north of Interstate 64 on divided Route 51. Centralia Industries has completed a Phase I Environmental Assessments which puts the region in a competitive position. The property is also located within the territorial boundaries of the Principal Meridian Tax Increment Financing District and Greater Centralia Enterprise Zone which allows the communities to structure a strong financial package. The communities will be marketing the region through a monthly electronic newsletter targeting site consultants.