Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Budget Document

(Click the image above to view the 2011 Budget Document)

The 2011 Annual Budget, approved December 13, 2010 is available as a .pdf document above. The document continues its citizen-driven look and format for this year by continuing new additions such as the 10 Year Road Improvement Plan, Capital Improvement Plan Road Overlays for 2011 - 2015, Amount Change columns in Budget Line Item Sheets, Comprehensive Citizen Survey Section spanning 65 questions/responses and continued improvement of visuals to enhance aesthetics and comprehension.The 2011 Operating Budget Section now includes the Top 5 Goals for each Department/division to compliment the previously listed Top 5 Accomplishments of each Department/division. City officials encourage you to explore the City's 2011 Budget Document and continue to stay informed on important issues facing our great community.

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