Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The City's latest newsletter seeks to inform residents of recently completed and current projects happening in and around the community. Look for your copy of the Centralian in your mailbox along with the new form of statement billing. The City of Centralia encourages an active and engaged citizenry and strives to continually keep residents informed on municipal projects. To read about all the great things happening in your community simply click the download link below. **Please note that the file size is fairly large and will take several minutes to download.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are going to print in the newsletter what city employee was using the city credit card for his own personal use, I really think they should. I would also like to know why the employee was not fired, just disciplined, I wonder if it is the same employee driving a city truck I have seen leaving Wal Mart several times late at night after city use hours. I also would like to know if he was charged criminally, if it was my credit card I would prosecute for theft and make sure his name showed up in the Centralia Sentinel etchings like everyone else that gets charged with a crime and this a crime on the taxpayers dollar. I wonder what other corruption is going on in our city, I think he just happened to get caught.

Anonymous said...

I think the sooner becky is out of office the better for centralia. There is alot of funny business going on in the system, and all I can say is vote all the idiots out of office and bring in some honest people, if thats possible. lets do away with the tralier trash

Anonymous said...

Do you think we have honest city officials now? Hmmm...I think NOT!