Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alley Sidewalk and Drainage Improvement Program to be Considered

At the May 24, 2010 City Council Meeting the Centralia City Council will be considering approving a resolution establishing a policy for the maintenance of alleyways and sidewalks. The City currently budgets $50,000 for annual maintenance of alleyway, sidewalk and drainage improvements which are performed according to the maintenance schedule designed by City staff. The proposed policy would provide interested residents the opportunity to have City staff complete the work with the City providing the labor at no cost and the surrounding residents covering the material costs. The intent of the policy is to give residents the option of paying for the materials if they do not wish to wait until their area is scheduled for regular maintenance.
The proposed process includes completion of a Request for Alley/Sidewalk/Drainage Improvement Form to be submitted to the Public Works Director located at 114 E. Fifth Street. The Public Works Director would then schedule a time to survey the requested improvement. Once surveyed, City staff will issue a quote for the cost of the materials to complete the requested improvements. Commencement of the improvement project would be contingent upon the weather, availability of labor and current workload.

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Anonymous said...

My brother and I visit our dad 3 or more times each year. Every time, we are annoyed and disappointed that curb cuts on sidewalks for wheelchair and people with walking disabilities are not available all over the city; and are limited at best in the core of town.
This needs to be a priority!! Please look at the scheduled maintenance and redevelopments with an eye of improving accessibility for sidewalks.
Thank you,
Nancy A. Chiavario
1999-2416 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada