Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Downtown Mural

Orphans Mural Goes Up Downtown

A new historic mural dedicated to the Centralia High School Orphan basketball team’s legacy, has been installed on the east wall of the Uptown Café. This is the second in a series of murals planned by the Chamber of Commerce Image Committee.

Image Committee Chairman Todd Dobbs said, “I am excited to see the year of work and planning that went into this project coming to fruition; what might seem like a fairly simple task, once again proved to be a tedious and painstaking process in order to achieve the desired outcome.”

The mural is a graphic artist’s rendition of an actual photograph taken by Centralia Sentinel photographer Brian Hunt at the last game the Centralia Orphans basketball team played in historic Trout gym. Not only does it recognize the fabled teams’ history but the accomplishment of being the nation’s most winning High School basketball team in the 20th century.

The goal has been to have the mural in place in time for this year’s Fall Fest & Halloween Parade according to Dobbs, “We were able to overcome some last minute technical issues to meet our deadline and are very pleased with the results.”

A plaque describing the Orphans’ record of achievement will be unveiled at a later date in conjunction with a dedication ceremony. Lighting for the mural will also be installed similar to the lighting on the American Legion’s building.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Bob Kelsheimer said, “The murals are a part of a long term plan and a coordinated effort between the Chamber’s Image Committee and the City of Centralia to attract new businesses and visitors to the downtown business district. The Image Committee’s artist’s renderings coupled with the City’s façade improvement program facilitated the building improvements we see today. This process began in earnest two years ago and kicked into high gear starting with façade improvements at the Stanford building on Third Street. The vision created by the Chamber’s Image Committee and City leaders has become a reality, and today we see an ever growing and vibrant “Towne Centre”.

The next two projects the Chamber’s Image Committee will be undertaking is a Civil War mural and a historic downtown walking tour guide.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a waste of money, how about fixing what needs to be fixed. like some of the main roads in the town, instead of fixing the off beat roads.
Lets get some common sense in this town.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way, what was the cost to us, that mural makes me proud to live here, when I get tired of looking for something I need around town and I am getting ready to go to Mt.vernon to do my shopping I will drive past the mural and thank the city for a job well done.